Episode 28 with Yvonne Turgeon

Yvonne Turgeon is the founder and editor of Thompson Okanagan Trends Magazine. We met for the first time last week at an industry function and we recorded this podcast yesterday (if you are listening to it the day that it is released). You  might remember Okanagan Life magazine and the wine competition that they did in the spring. Trends magazine is bringing that back in a big way this month and Yvonne talks about all of that in this conversation, which takes place over a lovely glass of Hester Creek Ti Amo. If you work or own a winery, there is still time to get your wines entered into this competition.  We end everything with a very unique Big Question that will test your wine knowledge and creativity all at the same time. 

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Trends website: trendsmag.ca

Awards link: https://trendsmag.ca/awards

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Author: Luke W

Luke Whittall has worked in cellars, vineyards, and wine shops since 2005. He has authored or co-authored 3 books on wine and is currently a wine instructor at Okanagan College. His most recent book, The Sipster’s Pocket Guide to 50 Must-Try BC Wines (Touchwood Editions 2021) marks a new direction in wine writing and features some of the most amazing wines ever produced in British Columbia. His first book, Valleys of Wine: A Taste of British Columbia’s Wine History was published in 2019 and he co-authored the 6th edition of The Okanagan Wine Tour Guide with John Schreiner in 2020.

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