Episode 16 – Flashback to Oyster Fest

This week’s episode is a flashback to an event that happened almost 10 years ago! At the time, the Oyster Festival in Osoyoos was the unofficial start to the summer wine season and it was always a ton of fun. Join me for this time capsule flashback (courtesy of my old podcast, Wine Country BC) to one of the Okanagan’s great food and wine events.

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(Photo by Amber Andreucci)

Episode 15 with Kimberly Hundertmark

Kimberly Hundertmark and I talk about the Winter Wine Festival and the future of festivals here in the Okanagan. She is General Manager of the Okanagan Wine Festival Society and one half of the Hundertmark wine power couple, along with her husband Jeff, who is the director of wine making at Mount Boucherie Estate Winery in West Kelowna. Want to know what people from Ontario really thinks about wine in BC? What’s going to happen to the Lt. Governor’s awards in the fall? You’ll find answers to those burning questions and more in this episode! Don’t let the suspense consume you – click the play button now!

Email your answers to this week’s Big Question, your comments or questions, or your special wine experiences to me at sipsterswinepodcast@gmail.com!

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Episode 14 with Michael J McCoy

It’s my birthday this week and for my birthday, I am releasing this podcast featuring Michael J McCoy, the great wine shop host and wine book connoisseur. Michael compiles a guide, called the “Quick Reference Guide to Wine Knowledge Resources”. If you have taken a wine course at Okanagan College, you may have received a previous version of this guide. The current edition is 4 pages and it is filled with a list of wine books, listed in categories and loaded with resources for wine newbies, Sipsters, and the most oenologically learned. No matter how complex the wine or the resource, Michael has a way of communicating it to you in a way that you will understand.

If you would like a copy of this guide, please email me at sipsterswinepodcast@gmail.com and I will send you the PDF.

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Episode 7 – Memories

Why is podcasting booming now? What is the appeal? There must be some reason by podcasts are becoming more popular. How does this relate to wine? Join me for this exploration of wine and memory with some vintage guest appearances by Terry Meyer Stone and the tasting crew from the Wine Country BC podcast. 

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Episode 2 with Katrice Sutherland

Katrice Sutherland and I can talk. A lot.

This only started to be apparent years ago when I first met her at a wine store where I worked. She was there to pour samples for a winery she worked for at the time. That day, and a few that followed over the next couple of years, showed me that we could talk up a storm about wine.

When this podcast was just a dream last winter, the list of people that I wanted to approach to be a guest was not long, and it absolutely included Katrice. When I listened back to the episode (which was produced without any editing at all), I’m really glad that she accepted my invitation.

Here are some of the internety things that referenced in this episode:

Echo Bay Vineyards

Crushable Wine Club (Laura Milnes’ site, formerly Silk+Coupe)

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Modern Podcasting

Podcasting has sure come a long way. I started listening to podcasts in 2008 and started producing them in 2009. For some reason, I thought that it would be a good use for all my recording gear and skills that I had used earlier in my life as a musician. It was a lot of fun but it was also a ton of work. It was the Model T stage of podcasting at that time which made it exciting but also difficult.

It also didn’t help that I often had to explain to people what a podcast was. No, you can’t listen to it on the radio. Yes, sounds just like the radio. No, not on your radio…

Times have changed and the technology is making it a lot easier to produce shows than ever before. It is a thrill and an honour to have you listen to my conversation with these amazing people. I hope that you enjoy it! Thank you for listening.